We edit Podcasts, for only $10/hour.

Wait – no we don’t. We do it for FREE!

No wait, that’s not right either.

When you send a podcast, you have to remember that each and every second of the recorded file is listened to, modified according to specific, tried and true training regimens, and then listened to again for each cut in general. That means that a 30-minute reel gets at least that much time again listening through. Add on detailed edit, shownote capture, audio modification and more – editing is a LOT more than just removing the “UmErUhYKnows” that exist – it is an art just like anything else.

Things to Consider:

  • Is it the First of Many?
  • Is it ONE Podcast?
  • Are the Hosts Seasoned or Nightmare UmErUhYknowers?
  • Is the Audio Quality Questionable?
  • Are there Any Instructions Included from Those Recorded?
  • Can Clear, Detailed Cuts Be Made?

All of these things and more are what The Editor Corps Flight Directors take into account when bidding a new project. Please take just a moment to fill out the form below (that will include a link to a sample of/the file you want to have edited) to begin the research process into a bid for your project! With just a quick listen, a gauge on current Editor availability, and a check of the wind direction and weather, we’ll be ready to help YOUR podcast soar!

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