Wanna know the secret to successful podcasting?

“You Need To Have Your Podcast Edited.”

We’ve been editing podcasts now for over a decade. From short 4-minute segements, to multi-track, multi-guest extravaganzas and everything in-between, we’ve crafted it all in the podcast industry.

“Pioneering an Industry Since 2005 – The Skill is Clear”

So you’re a control freak, and don’t want to let other people choose how you’re going to sound and decide “what stays and what goes”, right? Many moons ago, we pioneered “The UmErUhYKnow Reel” – a sample audio file of each and every part of captured discussion that we edit out of a podcast. Think you’re more finicky than we are? Doubtful, but are you ready to find one of our talented crew to help build a relationship built on trust that allows you to get back to doing what you do best? Ready to leave the blah-soaked existence of podcast editing to the people that helped to pioneer it?

Can you imagine YOUR program with all of the Uhs, Likes, Impossible Breaths, Lip Smacks, Redos and Dog Barks not being inside the file podcast? It can ALL be done when you have your podcast edited!

“Isn’t Going To Sound Fake?”

The value of an edited podcast is simple. Not only do you end up sounding like a professional. Not only do you end up with a product you can share with your friends, family, peers and other professionals as a sample of the quality work that you do/perform – so do all of the professionals, business owners and interviewees that are featured inside of your podcasts. When people know that when they appear on your program they sound like rock stars, guess what? They’ll tell others, who’ll check out your program, ask to be on and suddenly – you’re the guy/gal that everyone wants to dance with on the podcast dance floor.

“Now That’s Quality. Thanks For Making Me Sound So Professional!”

They now have an excellent sample of the work that you do, they also have a superb sample inside their own portfolio that allows them to sound like a rock start to make their skill set truly showcased.

“But It’s Going To Cost Too Much…”

Tell you what: We know that you’re concerned about cost. Why don’t you send over a 15-minute segment of your master audio file to us? We’ll edit it for FREE” send it back to you and if you’re not satisfied and interested in having the rest of your podcast edited you can at least dream of the time where your UmErUhYknows are gone!

How many of you have a podcast with multiple hosts? Now consider splitting the cost across that number of hosts. Isn’t quality worth the cost to have your podcast sound professional? It’s time to step up your podcast effort!

We are proud to be using The Editor Corps – a growing group of experienced, talented, professional podcast editors that have a long history of podcast editing.

“Are You Ready To Enhance Your Podcast?”

You’ve heard the reasons, you know that WE are sick of the power plays that podcasters make when it comes to not letting go of the process that takes the longest time in the entire podcasting experience. Make Your Podcast Soar – with The Editor Corps!

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