White Labeling
White Labeling

White Labeling

So – you’ve built yourself into quite the Podcast Editor and – business is GOOD – perhaps TOO good. Busting at the seams to get all the podcast editing done? Ready to get some relief so you can take that vacation or bathe in the fact that you have a family that needs you in it? It’s time for The Editor Corps “White Labeling” service.

How it Works

For a fee, depending on length, detail of service, and how detailed the clean-up is, The Editor Corps can do everything from just the RAW cutting and editing of podcast audio, to complete multi-track, sound-effect’d, trick’d out podcast editing – and you get the credit.

The Bottom Line

That’s right. We do the work, you pay us. You get the credit and charge whatever you want to the client you’ve secured. No muss, no fuss, all $$ and less stress.

Get Started

Ready to engage in The Editor Corps’ White Label service? Fill out the form below and begin experiencing what life was like before the podcast editing time-eating Monster came into your life!

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