Packages & Benefits
Packages & Benefits

Packages & Benefits

So you’ve read the contract. The costs look right and its time to sign-up! Fill in the form listed below and let’s get you on your way to a life that includes voiceover!

Joining Editor Corps

What Does It Cost?

The cost for enrolling into Editor Corps starts at just $399 for all of the training, experience, support materials (both on and offline), for a 6-month service period. Read on below to also learn more about rolling in valuable, tested recording software, and even your own Podcast Editing Laptop! Also look for Annually-Paid advantage rates and as always – be sure to (link) contact us with questions about what’s listed here!

What Do You Get?

Ready to Become a Member of The Editor Corps? Ready to help us “Make Podcasts Soar?”

Read on below to understand the complete listing of services we offer to those of you who choose to become members of The Editor Corps!

  • Find Your Way to Customers! Let the Editing Begin!

    Learn the best ways to seek out new podcast editing business, from the professionals that have been crafting podcasts since 2005!

  • A Flick Towards Professionalism: Your Own Editor Corps Business Cards

    Get a quality, detailed card that doesn’t just provide people your contact details but helps more business as a tool to help you score cash!

  • Your Own Podcast Editing Domain Name

    It’s the easiest way to be found and get new business, and the simplest way to be left in the lunch. You need your own domain name!

  • Your Own Podcast Editing Portfolio Website

    You’ve got the skill set to make one, but – is the one you’ve got connected to a center hub of podcast editing power & experience?

  • 6 Months of Portfolio Website Hosting

    Stable, uninterrupted website hosting is the key to a successful business. Disconnect from the rabble and let us power YOU for YOU!

  • A License for Mixcraft Editing Software

    It’s one of the most powerful audio editing softwares on the planet, and we’ve been using it for more than a decade to propel business. Mixacraft website

  • Access to The Editor Corps Flightline for On-Going Work

    There’s nothing to be ashamed of for hanging your own shingle, and scoring podcast business, but what if it would just come to you to begin with?

  • Access to Editor Corps Training Materials, MeetUps, Live-Traning Events and Remote Weblink Instruction

    There’s only one place and way to bathe in literal experience when it comes to Podcast Editing, and it’s only available via The Editor Corps!

  • Access to 25 Years of Collective Podcast Editing Experience

    We love being the centerpiece of Podcast Editing experience, that literally began at the beginning of the Podcast game, and continues to evolve.

  • Potential for Advancement as The Crew Grows/Expands

    Podcast Editing is only going to GROW. It will never shrink. It will neve become “lesser of a business opportunity.” Ready to pitch camp on a business that’s guaranteed to grow?

Read on below for package details and be sure to contact The Editor Corps Flight Director to learn more and ask questions about the details listed here!