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Mike Wilkerson


Mike Wilkerson

Mike Wilkerson is a graphic designer, web developer and audio engineer specializing in podcast concepting, editing, and promotion. With experience spanning over a decade, Mike is ready to help “Make Your Podcast Soar!”

Mike Wilkerson started collecting podcasts to compliment a popular online fan forum. His original podcast led to some great traffic, which allowed him to create his own podcast network. Over the years, Mike has edited everything from RAW voiceover reels, to sharpening podcast files, to complete compilation of multi-track awesome.

White Label Experience

Mike is currently working on 11 whitelabel’d projects that involve programming from 20+minutes to over 2 hours in a variety of markets that focus on an array of subjects from finance, the entertainment to medical.


Looking for a podcast editor that gives you well-rounded charisma, experience and zeal for the Podcast industry? Use for form below to contact Mike and let him help your podcast “Soar with the Editor Corps!”